JVC RC-M90 Boombox

The boombox helped launch an urban revolution of style and technology.

JVC introduced their top of the line RC-M90 boombox in 1991, changing the way boomboxes were made from that point forward. The boombox featured 8-inch woofers, 3-inch tweeters, a full-logic two- motor cassette deck, a 16-foot wired remote control to enable long-distance manipulation of the cassette deck, and even LED lights which was sophisticated to have at the time. This was perhaps the best-performing, loudest radio of its time. This boombox was years ahead of its competition from a technical standpoint.
Arguably the most iconic boombox there is, the JVC RC-M90 has been referenced numerous times in music and film, and it even appeared on a few album covers (like Solid Gold Hits by the Beastie Boys and LL Cool J’s Radio.) While the boombox itself is an icon of everyday design, the RC-M90 has become an icon of pop-culture as well.

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